About Us

Since our beginning at The Wood Factory, we've dedicated ourselves to producing historically accurate millwork at an affordable price. Our elegant Victorian gingerbread treatments brings to homes historical accuracy and a sense of individual character. Almost all our Victorian designs have been painstakingly researched and copied from turn-of-the-century catalogues, photographs and architectural drawings. However, we've also custom matched designs working from customers' sketches and photographs, from architects' renderings and from original samples sent to us.
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About The Materials We Use

All wood comes to The Wood Factory personally selected by Dean Arnold, evaluated for quality, clarity and grain. We work only in solid woods to ensure dimensional stability - no shrinking or warping. And frankly, solid wood feels better. It's a difference you'll appreciate every time you open or close a Wood Factory door. Typically we craft our Victorian Doors from Mahogany, White Oak or Ash. However, we're happy to discuss more exotic alternatives for truly unique creations. Victorian "gingerbread" is milled from clear Cedar, a species renowned for durability in the elements. Clear Poplar for thinner, 3/4 inch thick pieces, such as brackets, is also available.
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About Our Craftsmanship

We take great pride in the amount of personal attention that goes into all of our work. For us, millwork is a hands-on, step-by-step process. Rough wood is delivered to our shop where it is planed, dimensioned, machined and finally assembled by skilled craftsmen. Each individual piece is milled according to the demands of the design, and assembled to ensure structural integrity. This traditional approach results in the unusually successful marriage of beauty and durability. It is the joining of an art and a craft.
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About Our Attention To Detail

A complete catalogue of our millwork is available for ordering. But should you have any questions about our products, please feel free to call. We've found that the more we know about your individual project, the better we're able to serve you. Everyone at The Wood Factory is committed to the craftsman's traditional of quality. And we truly believe there's no better value available. Every door, spandril and gable treatment receives our full attention to design, structural integrity and workmanship. You can feel confident that the beauty and character of Wood Factory millwork will stand the test of time. And that's a feeling you can come home to everyday.
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